Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

New Delhi: As tough as the year has been, 2020 did bring people together like never before one of the ways is definitely memes. So while the world was under lockdown, new memes were brought to life to share our experience around the lockdown and everything happening in the world.

Dancing Pallbearers: This unique tradition from Ghana was shared in a number of ways and surprisingly it fit every situation but they became the official Covid-19 meme. The pallbearers took their newfound internet fame and used it to for “stay at home or dance with us” campaign urging people to stay at home.

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Everything is Cake: It started innocently enough, with bakers from around the world sharing their skills with hyper-realistic cakes shaped as everyday objects but it a took a life of its own when people started to question whether what they is truly what it really is.

How it started vs. how it’s going: Started as a wholesome way for people and businesses to share their progress from how they began or where they were before but it quickly hijacked by meme lovers and was turned into comedy with the ongoing pandemic usually the butt of the joke.

Zomato Boy Sonu: A video of Zomato rider quickly went viral, the video details a conversation between the executive and another man but the video went viral for the man’s smile. Multiple screenshots were taken and turned into memes.

Rasode mei kaun tha: This clip from the serial Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, was remixed by Yashraj Mukhate and was instantly taken over by the internet. People took over to create their own versions of the song and act it out.

Cat vibing to Ievan Polka/Bilal Goregen: If you frequent the internet your music have come across this particular video, of a Turkish man signing with a headbanging cat morphed into the video. In the viral video, this blind musician was seen playing darbuka while a cat was grooving, it was instantly reshared.


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