Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

New Delhi: White House has cautioned Meena Harris from using her aunt’s fame to grow her brand. The lawyer-turned-entrepreneur has had a pattern of this behaviour even before Kamala Harris became the Vice President. She launched her recent children’s book ‘Ambitious Girl’ on the eve of inauguration day. Accoridng to a LA Times report, five days before the new Veep got sworn in, she went on a talk show hosted by Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former President George W. Bush where she discussed how historic her aunt become the VP is and then promoted her book. While talking about her book, pictures of her and Kamala Harris were flashed on the screen.

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Who is Meena Harris?

Meena Harris whose full name is – Meenakshi Ashley Harris – is an American lawyer, children’s book author, producer, and founder of the lifestyle Phenomenal. Harris recently tweeted expressing her support to the farmers who are protesting against the Farm Laws and she continues to show her support. She added the hashtag #supportfarmersprotest to her Twitter bio as well. 

Patterned behaviour

Meena Harris’ was an unpaid campaign representative and her involvement in her aunt’s career alongside her promotional activites have raised eyebrows among Kamala Harris’ aides and advisors. She seems to have captilized off Kamala Harris’ name, likeness, life history and even  political slogans to promote her books and brand – Phenomenal – which creates statement fashion to support charity. One of her bestselling children’s books is named ‘Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea’.

According to the LA Times, a White House official said that after the election, lawyers from the White House told Meena, that she could no longer produce any products or write books that used the Kamala Harris’s name or likeness. But even after she was briefed with the new rules she flew into Washinton DC for the inauguration in a private plane with a Biden donor and posted about it on the trip. 

Sweatshirts with the famous words ‘I’m Speaking’ from the debate is still on sale online, she collaborated on special-edition Beats by Dre headphones that used another slogan popularized by Kamala Harris “The first but not the last” which were sent to celebrities. Meena did not make it clear whether she still collected royalities from the Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea’ which features a picture of Kamala Harris as well.



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