Fri. May 7th, 2021

A day after social media went into a frenzy with a giant monitor lizard walking into a 7-Eleven store in Thailand, a recent video emerged showing the 6.5 foot creature chilling in a tourist’s bed in Australia.

In the video uploaded in the photo-sharing platform Instagram, the lizard can be seen crawling on the bed of a tourist at a national park in New South Wales. Also Read: Jurassic Shop: Giant Monitor Lizard Causes Panic At 7-Eleven Store In Thailand; Sparks Meme-Fest

A 59-year old tourist named Amanda Cooper spotted the animal after returning back to her accommodation. She has been staying at a national park in New South Wales and was completely aghast to find the creature moving around inside the caravan.

In the hilarious video the huge creature can be seen exploring the caravan and sniffing the tourist’s handbag while roaming across the multi-colored crochet blanket on the bed. For a moment, the goana also poked his head out of the window, while continuing with the inspection, before exiting through the steps and under the caravan.

Watch the video here

The tourist can be heard giggling throughout the recording of the video and surprised at the same time who spotted the creature at a sojourn in Griliambone, Bogan. (The video was uploaded by Revyuh News on its YouTube handle)

Meanwhile, the video from Thailand was viewed over 5 million times! It’s said the the lizard emerged from a nearby canal and made its way to the store. It was identified as an Asian water monitor or common water monitor. The lizard was seen climbing atop a shelf inside the store but was struggling as there was nothing firm enough to grip onto. After reaching the top the lizard just rests for. 


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