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Utpanna Ekadashi December 2020: In tune with the the Hindu calendar, there are two Ekadashi which devotes observ fasting in a month; one at the time of Shukla Paksha and another during Krishna Paksha. Utpanna Ekadashi is considered an auspicious day that falls in the Krishna Paksha after Kartik Purnima. Also Read: Daily Horoscope, December 10, 2020: Leo Folks, Time Is Perfect For Job Change; Check Astrological Predictions For Your Sun Sign

Devotees, who aim to observe yearly fasting, begin Ekadashi fasting from Utpanna Ekadashi. The fasts during Ekadashis are dedicated to Goddess Ekadashi, who is one of the Shaktis of Lord Vishnu. In mythology, it is believed that Ekadashi was born out of Lord Vishnu to annihilate Demon Mur who intended to kill sleeping, Lord Vishnu. Therefore on this day devotees of Lord Vishnu observe Ekadashi fast to seek his blessings.

What’s the auspicious time?

It’s to be noted that Ekadashi tithi begins at 12:51 on Dec 10, 2020, and ends at 10:04 on Dec 11, 2020. Parana means breaking the fast. Ekadashi Parana is done after sunrise on the next day of Ekadashi fast. On December 11, Parana time is from 13:17 to 15:21. Parana time for Gauna Ekadashi is from 07:05 to 09:09 on December 12, 2020.

What’s the ritual?

On the day of Ekadashi, devotees wake up early in the morning and take bath after which they wear clean clothes and keep fast. Devotees offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and light incense, lamps along besides offering flowers, sandalwood, flowers and basil. Followers also sing sing hymns dedicated to Vishnu Sahasranam.  On this day, devotees prepare a special bhog and like other puja, rituals, they read the ‘vrat katha’ which is specific to the month. It is only at the time of Parana that they break the fast. At the time of breaking the fast you consume only Sattvic foods and not onion, garlic or any tamasic ingredient. Many people on this day also take a dip in the holy water because by doing so, and it is believed that your doshas are destroyed.


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