Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

Umar Akmal, who made his debut in 2009 was a regular in the Pakistan team. Last year on 20 February 2020, Umar was banned from playing by the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Anti-Corruption unit. The reason for the action was not revealed due to the investigation protocols. ESPNCricinfo had quoted a PCB official saying, “The junior Akmal is believed to have exposed himself in frustration during one test, and now finds himself facing the prospect of being kicked out of the next domestic tournament.”

But the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), The Anti-Corruption unit of the PCB reduced his ban to 12 months from 18 months. He is now eligible to play any form of cricket. Although, a fine of 4.5 million Pakistani rupees has been imposed on the ex-wicketkeeper of Pakistan.

“CAS has announced its decision on the Appeals filed by PCB and Umar Akmal against the Order of the Independent Adjudicator. CAS through a consolidated Order on both Appeals has been pleased to impose on Umar Akmal a sanction of a 12-month ban and a fine of PKR4.25million on one count of breaching Article 2.4.4 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code,” the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said in a statement.

“CAS has also refused the request of Umar Akmal seeking return of his two mobile phones, which are in PCB’s custody for some different investigation and held that under the PCB Anti-Corruption Code it has the power to do so,” the PCB further added.

In April 2020, the Disciplinary Panel had found Umar guilty of two separate charges under Article 2.4.4 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code. The PCB concluded it’s statement by this: “The PCB once again urges and remind all participants to abide by their duty and promptly report any approaches to the anti-corruption offices and help themselves as well as the anti-corruption unit effort to eliminate the anathema of fixing.”

Umar Akmal would be taking a sigh of relief.


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