Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

New Delhi: Online petitions are great source to start change and people often turn to them to garner votes from a large number of like-minded people. This new petition has Twitterati chuckling, as it demands to change the name of the capital of Pakistan from Islamabad to “Islamagood” and it has already received over 300 signatures.

Started by person named Ayham Abrar, who claims to be from Bangladesh. In the description section for his petition on, Abrar wrote, “Islam is good. Pakistan love Islam. Why IslamaBAD? Love from Bangladesh” and it is directed at Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

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Twitteratis were quick to point out that, it is not “Islam-abad” and not “Islama-bad”. A person commented on the petition’s page “The name Islamabad (“City of Islam,” or “City of Peace”) was chosen to reflect the country’s ideology. Where does GOOD or BAD even come here, do you even speak your own language???”

Islamabad means the ‘City of Islam’. It is a compound word consisting of two Urdu words – Islam and Abad. ‘Abad’ roughly means “cultivated place” in Persian. That is why a large number of places, even in India, end with the suffix ‘Abad’ like Ahemdabad and Hyderabad. 

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