Sat. Apr 10th, 2021

A visitor at an Ohio restaurant left the entire staff teary eyes with his kind gesture. The customer left behind a $5,600 tip (around Rs 4,15,000) at Souk Mediterranean Kitchen in Toledo over a week ago. ALSO READ | ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ Starts Afresh! 80-Year-Old Owner Opens New Restaurant In Delhi; Know Location, Services & More

Highly taken away by the patron’s generosity, the chef and owner of Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar took to Facebook earlier this month to reveal that the customer allowed the restaurant’s 28-person staff to take home $200 each – including those that were off duty.

‘Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people,’ restaurant owner Moussa Salloukh wrote on Facebook on December 13.

Sharing a photo of the receipt that the customer left behind, Salloukh said, “This really happened. Last night one of our guests left a $5,600 tip to be given to all of our staff, whether they were working that shift or not. It meant each of our 28 staff members received a $200 tip. What an amazing gesture of kindness to my employees.”

Further in the post, Salloukh continued to say, “This is not an ordinary December,’ Salloukh continued. ‘Normally this is a month when our employees work extra and guests tip generously. December is a month for them to earn money to buy family gifts, put a bit into savings and take care of bills or repairs that have been lingering.

With Covid restrictions and guidelines, that was not going to happen for them this year. So this heartfelt generosity was deeply needed and very appreciated.”

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“The words ‘Thank You’ seem inadequate for this gift… but Thank You Billy, for your generous spirit and for making a difference in the lives of people I care a lot about this holiday season,” Salloukh added.

The great gesture came at the time when people across the world are struggling to earn their daily bread-butter due to Coronavirus pandemic which has hit to various economic activities including the closures of indoor dining and restaurants.


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