Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

According to media reports, during a boxing match held at a private club in Karachi, boxer Muhammad Aslam Khan was knocked out by challenger Wali Khan’s lethal punch. The injured boxer was rushed to a private hospital for treatment, after he lost his consciousness. Unfortunately, he couldn’t survive the blow and died in the hospital.

Muhammad Aslam Khan belonged to Balochistan’s Pashin district and competed in the 80-kg category. The match between Wali Khan and Muahammad Aslam was being played for charity and some reports suggest that there were no medical personnel present at ring-side. A boxing website wrote: ‘He didn’t die in the ring, He suffered facial injuries and there wasn’t anyone there to look after him.’

No police complaint has been registered in the case. But the issue of deaths inside a boxing ring is not new. In a sports which is physical in its very essence, such incidents are not very uncommon. Every year, on average, 13 boxers lose their life. That’s why the demand for banning the sport come up, time and again. In October 2019, a World Boxing Federation told CNN, “Boxing is certainly an easy and obvious target, and of course the criticism is understandable, if not completely fair.” The WBF has always defended the sport by saying that the fatality rate has gone down and it is lower if compared to sports like football, motorcycle racing, scuba diving, mountaineering, hang gliding, etc.

Although, there have been no official clarifications yet from anyone in the unfortunate demise of Muhammad Aslam Khan.


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