Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

India vs England 3rd Test match ended in just a couple of days of cricket. The pitch used at the Ahmedabad Test came under scrutiny after the unusual result of the Test match. Many ex-English cricketers raised questions about the nature of the pitch and expressed concern over the match getting over in a matter of two days.

Meanwhile, Indian spinner Ravi Ashwin has opened up about his thought on the entire issue. He said, “I find it funny how anything spoken about the surface gets published all over our press.” He also compared if such a discussion about the pitch has taken place ever before in any other country. “Why would you talk about surface and sell that to us time and again? Has there been any instance where the surface has been talked about in any other place or country,” Ashwin added. The spinner believes the ‘Things are going out of hand.’

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Here is the video of Ravi Ashwin’s press conference:

Ashwin also pointed at an instance from New Zealand series when both the Test matches were finished on the third day of the Test match. He said, “In New Zealand, both test matches got over in a total of five days. Five days for two test matches and nobody quoted it.” He was talking about the Test series between India and New Zealand which took place in February 2020.

He came in defense of his entire team: “There’s a video which is doing rounds in which Virat in South Africa is saying that I’m not here to talk about the pitch and I’m not comforting my boys with regards to that. That’s how we been taught to play our cricket. Let them sell it, buying is always our choice.”


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