Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

IPL Auction 2021 was over and many players became millionaires at the end of it. New Zealand’s bowling all-rounder Kyle Jamieson was also among the millionaires. He was picked by the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) for a sum of 15 crore rupees. He became the most expensive Kiwi and the fourth most expensive player in the IPL Auction ever.

Recently he gave an interview to a NZ website named ‘Stuff’. In the interview, Jamieson said, “I woke up around midnight and decided to check the phone – just trying to embrace the whole experience. I don’t know if this will ever happen again. Rather than trying to avoid the situation, [I thought] I’ll sit back and enjoy it. It was certainly a weird hour and a half waiting for my name to be called up.” Shane Bond, who is the coach of the Mumbai Indians also texted him when MI started bidding for the player, after the bidding was done Bond messaged him again, here’s where he realized that he did not know how much 15 Cr rupees meant in NZ currency. Jamieson said, “I had a message from Shane Bond as it was going and he was saying, ‘How good is this’. I didn’t actually know what the amount of money how that translated to New Zealand dollars. It was quite cool to share that moment with him and ride that two or three minutes with him.”

So, after talking to Bond, he realized that he was bought for a whopping $2.86 million. He called his partner to tell her about this and then quickly followed by his parents. His partner was asleep but his parents were awake as it was pretty late in the night in New Zealand when the Auction was taking place in India. When asked about what he would do with so much money, he replied sarcastically saying, “Probably a few coffees I would have thought.”

“The thing that excites me the most is being able to rub shoulders with these guys [RCB teammates]. It’s such a unique situation for us as cricketers and to be able to do that is something pretty special,” he concluded.

The RCB fans would be excited to welcome the NZ star in their team.


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