Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

When nothing was working for the Indian team and the score was 445/4. England was cruising in the first innings, Joe Root had just completed his 200 and Indian spinners felt dejected after nothing was happing on or off the wicket. At that very moment, Virat Kohli handed the ball to Rohit Sharma. It was a surprise move, perhaps Virat must have thought of trying his luck with his part-time bowler as none of his main bowlers were picking up any wickets. This happened right before the end of the second session. So, before goin in for Tea, Kohli tried out his luck with Rohit Sharma.

When Rohit picked up the ball, no one expected to do what he did. There was a storm of tweets after Rohit impersonated Harbhajan Singh. First, take a look at the video of Rohit’s Harbhajan bowling action:

Harbhajan Singh has now reacted to the video of Rohit Sharma mimicking the veteran’s bowling action.  

Also look at a few tweets by fans who absolutely loved this move:

Harbhajan was Rohit Sharma’s team mate in Mumbai Indians. They both are great friends on and off the field.

England are comfortably sitting at with 10 overs remaining in the Day’s play. Frustration increasing for Indian fans as the match is getting increasingly one-sided.


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