Sat. Apr 10th, 2021

India vs England 3rd Test ended in just couple days of of cricket. Just in the span of two days, England team was all-out twice. The England fans were not very happy after that. The nature of the pitch was criticized by the English fans. But some other ex-cricketers from England were in chorus to not put the entire blame of the English loss on the nature of the pitch.

While there was so much of talk surrounding the third Test match and the Ahmedabad pitch, Joe Root was very humble in accepting the faults of his batsmen. He played down the pitch angle in the press conference. He said, “We are going to prepare really good wickets [when India tour England]. If we want to develop as a team and compete everywhere we go in the world, we will have to get used to scoring big runs consistently. We have to get used to bowling on good surfaces and finding ways to take 20 wickets. I think that’s how you build a good team.”

He spoke about how England would prepare the pitches when India visit them. Although he downplayed the controversy, he believed that his bowlers would fare well in the Test series in England. “When you are in England the weather there can sometimes dictate things as well. You still have to bat as long as you can. Every now and then you are going to get surfaces that do a little bit more than you would like. The one thing that we set out to do going in this summer is to put out really good wickets and I feel like our seamers, with the Dukes ball, would always find ways to take wickets,” Root added.

The England captain would remember this match for his best figures of 5/8 in the first Indian innings. With the loss, England is out of the World Test Championship final race. Now if they even win the last Test, Australia will go through based on better number of points.


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