Sat. Apr 10th, 2021

Aries – Make decisions very carefully today. Working on the advice of an unfamiliar or inexperienced person can be harmful. More involvement will have to be shown in the work. Even in office, any omission or negligence can be harmful. The boss is keeping a close watch on your work, try not to give any chance of complaint. There is a possibility of increase in the income of the people working in electronics field. Health problems may increase, take extra care. Make a habit of keeping all the important things in the house. There is a possibility of theft. Everyone will get support at home.

Taurus – Despite many efforts today, if the mind is not feeling happy, do not be worried, the conditions are expected to change by evening. The situation will be according to you at work. Traders need to keep themselves updated with their account information. Due to the burden of work, there will be exhaustion, but physical capacity will increase. Health is normal. Stress may surround the mood of family members. If you listen to bhajan, kirtan or satsang together, then the atmosphere will quickly become normal. You can meet an acquaintance or friend, take out time for them, will feel good.

Gemini- Keep positive thinking on this day, because the position of the planets is also moving towards reducing problems. Servicemen should be full of confidence, you need to show it from time to time. Businessmen should work with little caution. You may have a dispute with a government official, if such a situation arises, then you have to be calm while taking the initiative. There may be headache, BP and heart patients should also be cautious. If there is tension or confusion in your mind, then share it with family and spend time with children.

Cancer- Today is the time of success in education or career. Today all your efforts will drive you nearer to your goals. Talking about official conditions, coordination and cooperation will have to be increased, the path of progress is being paved. Those doing wood business will make good profits. Women must control their behavior. There is a possibility of dispute in the in-laws’ family. Be very balanced about health and food, over eating can cause problems like abdominal pain. Somewhere in the family, auspicious news of a new guest or a close marriage can come.

Leo- Today, to improve the financial situation, diligence will have to be increased because there is a possibility of success by hard work, but some precautions will also have to be taken during work. If you have applied for a job somewhere, there is a possibility of good news. If you want a new business, be careful and consult senior or field veteran. Sleep cycle can be disturbed, fix your work routine. The family atmosphere may get disturbed due to debate or argument.

Virgo- Control anger today, conditions at workplace will be favorable only by remaining calm. If possible, serve a cow, this will give you mental peace. There is a need to work in coordination with the boss in the office, every task given will have to be completed efficiently on time. Those who are involved in transport business will have to take care of customers, work in coordination. At present, the planet’s conditions are indicating better benefits. Be cautious about your health, avoid spicy  food. A member of the family may suddenly fall ill.

Libra – On this day, it is not right to consider yourself away from responsibilities. Take the initiative yourself and follow them. If you are connected with education sector then new opportunities will be found. If you are doing work related to sales, then keep the target set. If you want to increase business, use technology, you will also need to increase publicity. The youth should be updated with technology. Health problems may occur if you are traveling somewhere. Keep both medicines and routines regular. If you want to invest big, do it on land or house, it will be profitable.

Scorpio-  Today, you might feel lazy at times, put don’t pull back yourself.  You will perform well in the job, due to which you will become trust worthy of boss and high officials. Luck will increase and it will pave the way for your progress. Businessmen with big customers need to avoid confusion over small things. The day will be normal for youth and students. There may be some foot related problems. Financial difficulties may surround you, but with the help of family you will be able to get relief.

Sagittarius- Today seems to be full of luck. Investment in property will be a good profit in future. However, with the increase in earnings, expenses will also be pulled. If there is any litigation related to the job, then there is also benefit in it. It is very likely that the decision will come in your favor. Time is also good for those who do iron and metal business. Take some caution in the accounting book. Stay alert of the epidemic and keep in touch with the doctor even on minor illness. Regular yoga and meditation will be beneficial. The atmosphere can be tense due to meaningless talk of a relative in the family, find a solution if the problem increases.

Capricorn- Those whom you trust the most may not be able to cooperate with you today due some personal reasons. Perform your work in the office with full responsibility, maybe the work of a colleague will also be entrusted to you. Businessmen who trade in gold and silver need to be cautious, even minor lapses can be very harmful. The youth need to work together on career options. In terms of health, the health of asthma patients can suddenly worsen. The health of the life partner in the family may be poor, for which some concern may surround.

Aquarius – Increase your participation in work and contribute as a better citizen. There is also a need to pay attention to your image in society. Today is a day for people associated with government jobs or banking sector, promotions can also be found. The business class has to take care that in order to make important decisions, the orderliness of the work should not deteriorate. This can lead to humiliating situation. Students may face some difficulty in studies, be cautious about career. Balanced life is very important to stay healthy. There is a possibility of conflict with family and relatives, try to resolve it politely.

Pisces- Today, according to the fate and the condition of the planets, take steps with less risk. Do not be careless about the work you get from the boss. Do not speak ill of anyone in anger. If associated with NGO or service institute, many people can come to ask for help. If you want to start a business, then try not to get financial help from your father. Children who use TV-laptop or mobile more, they need to use it less. Conditions regarding health will be favorable.


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