Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

Aries – Present yourself firmly and protect yourself from confusions. If you do not get the desired things, do not get disheartened, for the time being patience will benefit. For people working outside native  place, the doors of progress are expected to open. Salary increases can be obtained. If you want to change the business, then you need to work by making a concrete action plan before hurrying into big investments. There is a possibility of vomiting or physical weakness. Keep yourself fully involved in the discipline of the house. Due to not following the rules, the elders of the family may get angry.

Taurus – On this day, there will be a doubt in the completion of the tasks which you had foreseen, due to which your time may be wasted. If servicemen feel their work is not going according to them, keep in mind to be patient, it will happen in near future. Even for the youth, the day does not seem to give much success, but leaving the focus will also be harmful. Headache problems can cause discomfort. Plan long trip with family members carefully.

Gemini – Today, work stress can increase. Excessive trust in someone in official relationships can harm you. Office work will be interrupted due to family situation. Those who are likely to get promotions, their co-workers may become indirect obstacles. Those dealing with property dealing may suffer a loss in money transactions. Arthritis patients may have to face pain due to weather. If you are in the mood to change the rental house, stay a little. Token money should be obtained from father.

Cancer- Focus on increasing your scope in business and society for a little quick progress. Good opportunities for progress are being made regarding career. Increase hard work, chances of good income are being made. There will also be a need to be vigilant against opponents, so try to win hearts by behaving best. In the coming days, Ganapathi will make jealous people an ally. Time is not right for people associated with the business of medicines. Chronic diseases can cause problems today. Health of children can also be poor. Spend time with family and friends, can also go on a short trip.

Leo- Today the sense of dissatisfaction will keep distracting but try to keep yourself focused. It is necessary to keep in mind that even if the effects of the planets are not right, you should not let them go wrong, it has to be taken care of in decisions. Those who want to go abroad for the job, there is a better chance for them. There may be difficulty in communicating with colleagues at the workplace. Businessmen should take the decision both in money expenditure and investment. The day will be normal for students. Back pain can increase difficulty. Family members need to be alert if someone is ill at home.

Virgo – Today you have to make yourself full of confidence and cooperative for colleagues. It is possible that someone may give you wrong feedback about a close relative and you get affected by it. To avoid this, trust your eyes and ears. People doing jobs should not get into disputes with colleagues and keep the anger under control. Before signing any business deal, read the documents properly. Urine infection can increase your health problems. There is a possibility of new equipment coming into the house.

Libra- Plan to move ahead with hard work with time. In order to prove yourself superior in a competitive environment, a plan to increase knowledge should be made. Promotion talks being seen for the people working in the banking sector. Those who do business of grains are likely to get better benefits. Students and youth should make full use of time. People who are already ill should not be negligent. If anyone in the family has personal problems, talk to them and find a solution to the problem. Follow the traffic rules while driving.

Scorpio- Today, keep yourself full of positive energy. Complete the pending work on time. There is a need to be vigilant about the job, negligence will not be right for the moment. If there is a matter related to the job in the court, then new avenues will open. If you are doing business of religious books, then the sum of good profit is seen. Even in the electronics business, there is hope for better profits. An environment of high anxiety or stress is not good for health. Try to keep yourself calm. There is a possibility of spoiling some valuables in the house.

Sagittarius- Protect yourself from being very happy or extremely upset. Responsibilities have to be fulfilled with equal sentiment and positive energy. One has to learn to balance between work and relationships. At present, the situation of loss is being created due to the traders getting the goods collected. The youth’s special interest in artistic works will be beneficial for careers with better performance. The planets are in a position to increase cholesterol. Resolve family dispute peacefully. Do not back down in helping the needy and the poor, their blessings will work like armor.

Capricorn- Today, if someone is in trouble, try to help in every way possible. Do not take any important step in the office without the consent of the boss. Those doing milk related business will get good profits. Youth can increase their utility by using technology for skill development. People suffering from constipation problem need to refrain from eating junk food. If you have been planning to have a havan at home, you can get it done.

Aquarius – Vigilance will have to be maintained throughout the day. You can connect yourself with spiritual and intellectual works. Today there will be better work opportunities for those connected with the media. Traders can get big investment or big deal can be final. Increase the focus on repetition of weak topics in studies. There are common health conditions. Family atmosphere will also be favorable. If you want to go to a restaurant or resort for outing then you should go with the whole family. If there is a pain in the feet of the mother, then at night before sleeping, press her feet and sleep.

Pisces – Today, you will have to work with planning, it will also give you a lot of benefits along with the institute. Businessmen should also keep reviewing the work of employees, take correct and far-reaching decisions. People who are struggling with BP, people should be cautious. If a woman in the family wants to do something new in the field of career, then cooperation will be beneficial for them.


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