Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

Aries – Today is going to be spiritual day, start  your day by helping a needy person. Talking about the field of work, the officers will be satisfied with your work. If you lead the team, then keep a close watch on everyone’s work. The merchant classes will succeed by completing the stuck schemes well. Cereal traders will have to be careful. Today the students might feel little distracted in studies. In terms of health, sugar patients should be cautious while eating. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family, you will get a lot of support from friends.

Taurus – On this day, you should speak thoughtfully. The burden of official work will be high, you may have to attend important meetings with the boss. The ongoing volatility in the business seems to be correcting. Health is going to be good, but to maintain a  healthy lifestyle, stick to your daily routine. One has to be vigilant about the responsibilities of the family. Good information can be received from the family members.

Gemini- Today’s moment spent with loved ones can be memorable, do not let this moment go if you have a chance to spend time with your loved ones. Those involved in the software sector will get beneficial projects. Those who are thinking of making any of their hobbies a profession, they should start planning, auspicious results will come in future. Merchants should control their speech, your sharp behavior can reduce your customers.  You  will be worried about the health of the child. Your father can entrust some important family responsibilities. Household expenses will also increase.

Cancer- Today, your position in the society will prevail. People will encourage and appreciate you on behalf of your work. You can improve your work with your own efforts in official work. With the help of your siblings and social media, you will be able to further extend your business. Be constantly aware of serious diseases, any negligence may prove fatal. Take care of mother’s health, spend time with them. If guests arrive in the house, then there should be no  lack of efforts in their hospitality.

Leo- On this day, you will be able to complete your work with ease. Listen carefully to your boss otherwise a situation of dispute may arise. If you are a doctor by profession, then treating some patients for free today will increase virtue. Business agreements will prove beneficial, but you should avoid risky actions in business matters. In terms of health, the problem of waist and back pain can bother you. Marriage of eligible people can be decided, but hasty decisions should be avoided.

Virgo- Today, the problems in work seems to be going away, but planning needs to be done. You will be seen completing official tasks through technology. People associated with the bank are likely to get promotions. Traders can get relief from legal complications for some time, important decisions will have to be taken in connection with the business, if the father is associated with the business then keep the father’s advice first. There may be problems like watery eyes and burning sensation. Self-respect can be hurt by anyone, do not take small things to heart.

Libra- If you are going to make any big investment or deal today, then take steps only after consulting senior people. The day will be spent with enthusiasm and happiness, spend time with friends you have not spoken to for past few days. The day is going to be normal for official work. In a new career, it would be best to take decisions after thinking. There is a possibility of getting benefit from the old investments. Be aware about health today. Your will enjoy time with family members. You can also share your heart with your spouse.

Scorpio- On this day, keep in mind that balance is the key of your nature. If possible, reduce the burden of loan. One can opt for higher education in order to succeed in career. If you are going for a new job interview, then go with full preparation. Opponents may be active in business. Guide younger siblings. There will be a little worry about health, contact a doctor immediately. Love and harmony will have to be maintained in the family. Spend time with parents.

Sagittarius – Confidence can be weak on this day, do not leave important work for tomorrow. The service class has to keep the decision power strong. People associated with administration will be successful in achieving the objective. The day will be full of profits for those doing medical related business. Students will be greatly influenced by the new creative ideas, as well as the desire to read and learn will be awakened. Those who do not take proper diet in health and prefer to eat only junk food are feared to have some health related problems.

Capricorn- On this day, there is a possibility of getting success in the works planned so far. Hard work will support your luck. Your influence will increase in the field of work as well as you will be able to master your actions You will get a lot of encouragement from seniors. You should actively participate in Social work . Parents must  pay attention to the education of the children. Have a good and healthy diet. Spend time with family members. If there is any tension going on in the married life, then try to end those disputes.

Aquarius – On this day, a positive attitude will be seen in life, while the source of livelihood will increase. Large investments can be harmful. Do not waste your time in vain. Hard work will have to be done in official tasks. Retail traders may see profit opportunities, the economic situation seems to improve. The youth will have to avoid going on unnecessary journey and also avoid violating the rules made by the government. Seasonal diseases can disturb your health. Efficient news will be received from friends and family located abroad.

Pisces – On this day you will have to try to reduce the disorientation going on in the mind, for which you should do satsang and listen to bhajan. Try to change your temperament, keep in mind that if you don’t, your situation in the workplace or family can be uncomfortable. Do not use funds unnecessarily, otherwise financial losses may occur. There may be a loss in business, so avoid storing more goods. Students should not waste their time in work unnecessarily. Skin related problems may bother you. Do not support the wrong things of anyone in the family.


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