Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, a plane was forced return to the airport after an aggressive cat attacked the pilots. All was routine in the Tacro flight bound for Doha, Qatar from the capital Khartoum, Sudan until an unlikely passenger found its way into the cockpit and decided to attack the pilots just after take off. The plane was flying for about half an hour after taking off from Khartoum International Airport before it was forced to land as many attempts to capture the ferocious cat failed. 

The furry hijacker didn’t seem to be fan of flying considering how aggressively it attacked the pilots. According to an Al Sudani report, after investigating the matter it has been suspected that cat must have sneaked in the night before as the aircraft was night stationed at a hangar in the Khartoum airport. 

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Strangely enough, cats attacking pilots is more common than one can imagine. According to an RT report, in 2004 a “well travelled” cat named Gin went berserk in the cockpit mid flight after it escaped its travel bag, forcing the Belgian passenger airline carrying 62 people to return back to Brussels. Gin the cat walked into the cockpit when meals were being served to the pilots then suddenly attacked the pilots. 

The same year, another stowaway cat entered cockpit of the plane flying from the north-eastern city of Sylhet to the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka and pounced on the pilot according to a New Age report. After landing, the crew and staff of the airport had to chase the cat inside aircraft for two hours before it was finally caught. 



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