Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Aries– Today be cautious about the investment of your money. There is a possibility of your money getting stuck. Work pressure is going to increase, be prepared mentally beforehand. It will be beneficial if you try to build consensus while taking big decisions at the workplace. It won’t be good to impose your judgment on others. Laxity in business matters can cause financial losses. The day is good for the youngsters to get success. Increase physical activity to keep health intact. Blood pressure or heart patients should stay calm and composed. You will have to make a rapport with younger siblings. You will get good news about the progress of children.

Taurus – The day is perfect to test your contacts as your important works will get completed with the help of them, signs indicate so. Worshiping Lord Shiva to gain mental peace will be beneficial. If you are going to take a decision on an important matter at the workplace, then proceed after thinking wisely; those who want to start a new business, should work with a concrete action plan. Focus on your own personality and grooming despite your busy work schedule. Head and eye pain may trouble. Advise your father to walk carefully, there is a possibility of an injury after falling down.

Gemini – You may feel restless due to unknown fear. Do not resort to lies while talking to someone, otherwise your credibility may be questioned. Work, which is stuck since a long time, is expected to be completed today. People in government jobs are likely to get promotions. Traders engaged in import and export business will make good profits. Tiredness and weakness can bother you due to changing weather and work load. Do not get influenced by  advertisements while shopping, avoid any big purchase. If your father or any fatherly figure is celebrating his birthday, then give him something.

Cancer– If any negative thoughts are coming in your mind, then keep yourself away from such things. Signs indicate that you will get results of your hard work. Do not delay in submitting your application if you are trying for a new job. People engaged in the business of pesticides will get good benefits. The youth will have to work while assessing the challenges in the future. Students should start preparing hard for the upcoming exams. Make necessary changes in the routine to ensure good health. The wedding of a family member or close relative, who is of marriageable age, can get fixed.

Leo– If the day holds importance in your life, then celebrate it with full enthusiasm. The team needs to be encouraged at the workplace, the team members can perform better work if you give them suggestions. Maintain a good relationship with the business partner. Retail traders will benefit well. The youth should give preference to their choice of work. There is a possibility of dehydration, so eating light food will be beneficial. Married life is getting affected, so do not stop the conversation with your spouse If any member of the family is ill, then you need to take extra care of him/her.

Virgo– Try to keep the mind balanced and calm. A healthy brain resides in a healthy body, so it is very important to keep yourself mentally relaxed. Maintain a list of tasks to complete work on time. You can get a new responsibility at the workplace. Hoteliers and restaurateurs will make good profit from booking. If you sit for a long time and work then cervical problem can trouble you. Keep yourself involved in sports for physical activity. There may be a dispute of property in the family. Take decisions with patience and satisfaction.

Libra– Today keep yourself comfortable/ready for all situations. Boss’ words or decree can upset you; people engaged in data feeding jobs need to be careful and alert while working, keep in mind that the boss is monitoring your work. Retail businessmen should not be negligent, keep trying to gain small profits. Students should not get overconfident while preparing for class exams. Be cautious about health, it can suddenly get affected. Be careful as you can get affected with COVID-19. You will feel happy after receiving good news from family.

Scorpio– Today, keep yourself mentally and physically healthy. Try to improve the routine. You need work harder to meet the expectations of top officers. Cereal traders should be ready for a big deal. People engaged in business related to communication will make good profits. The day will be normal for youth and students. If dental problems are increasing, it is important to take medicines and consult the dentist. If you have an argument with your loved ones on any issue in the family, then stay calm, do not mind their words. People, who are living away from family, are expected to return home.

Sagittarius– Signs indicate that you will spend money on different facilities, it would be wise to shop according to your income and need. The time is perfect for those interested in the field of writing. People in jobs have to be aware of foreign companies. Businessmen, who deal in cosmetics, may have to suffer loss in business. Try to keep the stock according to the choice of the customers. The youth should stay focused on their goals while the students should not show negligence in their studies. Eye pain and irritation may increase discomfort. You will get full support from close people and relatives in any work or decision.

Capricorn– Be serious while taking any decision, otherwise you may have to regret it. Try to become an expert in your field. Signs indicate the workload in the office seems to be increasing, you may be forced to do work of other people. Plastic traders are likely to get good profits. The youth will get the support of the elders. Negligence in taking regular medicine can harm health. Urine infection can occur, which is likely to affect your day. Your child can indulge in suspicious activity, you need to monitor what he/she is doing.

Aquarius– Today you need to keep in mind that you do not hurt anyone while cracking a joke. Behave politely with everyone, be at home or outside. If you have a debt to clear, then make a plan to re-pay it. Work hard to complete the official work on time. Businessmen, who deal with medicines, need to keep the stock full. Keep taking measures to prevent dengue and malaria. Close relatives can visit you at home, this will make you happy.

Pisces– Do not make a mountain of a molehill and relate everything with your self-respect, keep in mind that this can spoil your image. Follow the office rules strictly, there is a possibility of promotion, keep yourself engaged in work with full devotion. If you have a luxury item shop, then keep it updated with the latest goods. Signs indicate that the youth will get good opportunities for success. Students should not show negligence when it comes to revising the syllabus. There is a possibility of ear pain. Be vigilant while cleaning the ear. Take extra efforts for the cleanliness of the house.


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