Tue. Mar 9th, 2021

Aries: You need to maintain simplicity and clarity in your thoughts. Others may interpret yours words in the negative if you do not do so. You will receive money related support from you friends. Consider starting a new project as there will be increase in the finances. Things seem to be better with regard to career. There is a need to find more options with regard to the business. The advice of a senior will be of immense help. Do not ignore diseases related to health. Take care of your mother. There is a need to be cautious about her health.


Taurus: Keep control over your tongue or else a dispute may arise. Your near and dear ones may have some friction. Ensure that you complete your work at office as your boss may look into the same. The businessmen may witness an increase in their reputation as they will earn the praise of their customers. The day will be auspicious for the youth. Be ready to work on your favourite tasks. The patients suffering from asthma need to remain alert. They must avoid visiting places with dust or pollution. The health of your mother may decline. Be patient and forgiving even if the words of others hurt you.


Gemini: You will gain immense knowledge if you spend some time on the social media. This may benefit you in future. Read notes related to online courses or other subjects. Seek your senior’s advice at workplace as you my witness problem in accomplishing the task. The businessmen planning to go on a trip must postpone it. Ensure adequate security during the pandemic. The students will love to focus on their studies. Be cautious about any accident as there is a possibility that you may hurt yourself after falling. Pay heed to the advice of your life partner.


Cancer: Several thoughts may strike your mind. So, begin your day with good thoughts. There will be purification of the mind with hymns and bhajans. You may also have to accomplish the tasks of your associates at the workplace. There is a possibility that businessmen may suffer financial losses. Maintain transparency with regard to the accounts. The day will be favourable for the youth and students. Success will be achieved only after using the time properly. Take care of your eyes. Be mentally prepared for the household burden. There may be a friction in the house with regard to the kids. Take the initiative to find a way out.


Leo: There is a need to maintain a balance in relationship with the near and dear ones or else they may be at a distance in the long run.  There is a possibility of transfer for the government employees. The condition is favourable for those working in the military department. There are chances of promotion. The traders must not take the wrong path in a bid to earn profits. The students must abide by their teachers suggestions or else they may have to face repercussions while preparing for the exams. There will be a bit of a concern with regard to the health. You may receive good news from the side of the in-laws. All sacred works may be completed.


Virgo: Anger and irritation may bother you today. Maintain patience and do not treat anyone harshly. A change in the behavior of colleagues at the workplace mat bother you. Try to work with solidarity and cooperation. Lack of money may create a problem for the businessmen. Avoid big investments. The youth need to connect with their links and there will definitely be a ray of hope. The people who have undergone an operation should avoid being infected. Do not make sudden changes in your daily routine or be callous while taking medicines. There will be relief today with regard to a dispute in the house plot. There will be consensus on important family matters.


Libra: Maintain patience today. There is a need to be vigilant about saving money. It will be beneficial now to plan for the future. Unnecessary expenses may land you in trouble. You will be successful in accomplishing the task assigned by your boss. This will boost your impression at the workplace besides increasing your chances of promotion. The traders should not use the shoulders of others for fufilling their ulterior motives. There is a possibility of a breach in the partnership. Your woes may increase if you are suffering from an old illness but do not be traumatic. You may achieve success while tackling family problems.


Scorpio: You will be on cloud nine with the completion of old works. It is high time to begin the process of repaying old debts. Ensure to complete your office works on time. More responsibilities may be handed over to you in the coming days. The workload of the businessmen may increase. There is a need to keep yourself mentally ready and make changes in the organization as per the present time.  The youth and students must remain alert. Focus on exercise and a balanced diet. Take time out to spend with your loved ones. You may go out and watch a movie or even do some outing.

Sagittarius: Luck will favour you today. You will achieve 100 percent success in whatever task you do. You will get rid of mental worries post success. Besides hard work you will also have to maintain patience in the works you do because it may take some time to achieve success. The traders will get the desired benefits but they need to make stock arrangements keeping in mind the expectation and utility of the customers. The youth must choose their career in a field which has a bright future. You may have to face cold or fever due to the weather. Treat everybody in the family with affection. Pacify those livid with you.


Capricorn: You will achieve success as per merit. So, work with patience if you have any doubts. Throw some surprise to please your loved ones. The family members will love your gesture. The boss may make some changes in the working style. So be prepared mentally. The sellers of electronic goods will make good profits. You may suffer some physical stress due to work pressure. Take proper rest after the work is over. Put your opinion on important issues effectively. You will spend the entire day with delight on receiving good news.  

Aquarius: Increase your awareness with regard to old debts today. Try to end it gradually if possible. Stay focused as the circumstances at workplace may go out of hand. Do not add impetus to any official dispute. Do not involve yourself in unnecessary debate. The day can be stressful for those linked with the medicine field. There may be tension on not accomplishing the target. There is not much trouble with regard to health. Take care of your father’s health, ensure to give him medicines timely.

Pisces: There may be a loss of confidence but maintain patience. Only you can help yourself. You may have to witness the wrath of your boss if you do not complete the tasks assigned smoothly. The traders will have to make changes in the working style as per the circumstances. The likes and dislikes of the customers are extremely important. Do not compromise on quality in terms of profit and loss. Headache or migraine problem may increase. Consult the doctor to get rid of them. You may have concerns with regard to the health of the family members. Ask them to remain alert in the wake of the present pandemic.


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