Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Aries– Keep positive thoughts in mind, your confidence will increase. There may be a loss of something for which you have to be alert. People connected with public relations will have a good day, increase their network, and connect with more people via phone. People in target-based jobs will be able to complete their targets. Thoughts of changing business will come to mind but do not forget to seek advice from seniors. Give importance to a nutritious diet. You will receive cooperation from a close person. Avoid debate or argument in the family. If you fail to do so, your self-respect get can get hurt.

Taurus – Think creatively today, you will be able to understand things well mentally. Keep in mind to not say bad things about anyone (at home or outside) as negative planets can tangle you in a conspiracy due to your words. Keep doing the office work and do not worry about it. Businessmen should focus on creating clients. Time is neither good nor bad for your health. Keep the life partner happy and if he/she wishes to pursue some career or education, then help him/her in every way possible.

Gemini – Follow the mantra of ‘staying busy and cool’ to tackle mental complications. People who have borrowed big loans should make arrangements to repay them on time. Your respect for the colleague and boss will increase at the workplace; if you are the owner of a company, then you will be working hard to earn more income. Youngsters and students may face some obstruction and disinterest in their studies. Do not invite mental complications that cause trouble for you. Do not doubt that you have a particular disease, the best remedy is to avoid confusion. Your father might suffer an injury after falling.

Cancer– Today you have to focus on updating knowledge and gaining spiritual knowledge. Calm and responsible behavior is what makes you different from others. You will not be able to complete the work as planned in the office due to a lack of concentration. Traders should focus on their business to earn a profit. Maintain patience and parity irrespective of the profits. You have to avoid negligence in sleeping and eating habits. If you have not talked to a friend, then contact him/her today and speak on phone. Gift something to the mother.

Leo– Today if possible, devote yourself and serve the elders, their blessings will act as a shield and help you to overcome every difficulty. Your confidence in official work will remain high, support of the team will help in generating good results. Try to resolves the issues with people related to work. Merchants should remain calm and composed while dealing with customers, otherwise, there can a dispute. Slip disc will bother you. Stay away from friends who encourage you to drink and consume drugs.

Virgo– Do not let your confidence get affected. It would be prudent to maintain patience and peace in view of the adverse circumstances in the present times, try to save the money you have stored as unnecessary expenses are not good for you right now. Your effort in official work will bear fruits and you will get benefits. The day will be good for the students, they will be able to focus on their subjects as per their interest. People, who are gaining weight with every passing day, will have to correct the routine. If the sister is ill, do not show negligence in taking care of her. The land dispute will end.

Libra – Start the day with the work you want to do. Keep in mind that profit does not mean only money; give importance to the things related to health and life. You will face sudden mood swings. Do not worry about worthless things as the situation of planets will change in the future. Maintain decent behavior while talking to higher officials. The businessmen will get full support from technology. People, who have clothing shops, will get profit. The day will be normal in terms of health. You will get full support from friends and spouse.

Scorpio– The day is very auspicious, any old desires will also get fulfilled. High officials and bosses will praise you for doing work related to promotion in the office. Businessmen can gain profit and expand the business. Students are expected to get success in education and academic work. Talking about health, avoid excessive oily food as it will be beneficial for you. The negative impact of planets can affect the health of your children, take special care of them. Remember, using harsh words for your loved ones can put you in trouble.

Sagittarius– You will get relief from the tension which was bothering you for some time, so you should relax. You will have to keep pace and maintain coordination with everyone in the office, do not have to indulge in any dispute with the female colleagues. If businessmen are planning to buy goods for several days, then they should do it as the day is suitable. Those, who fall ill easily, will have to take care of health because negative planets are damaging your immune system and infecting you with diseases. Take care of younger siblings, keep a close watch on their friends and company.

Capricorn – You will have to work harder, you will get to see the result by the end of the day. Today, you will get full support of seniors in official matters, which will give new energy to work. You should guide the subordinates. If you are doing a business in partnership and planning to make a big investment, then both the partners should take the next step with mutual consent. Students need to work harder. The day is not good in terms of health, stress can affect your health. Buy any electronic item for the house carefully.

Aquarius– Your luck is supporting you but laziness is interfering in your field of livelihood. You should behave politely with the female colleagues in the office, you need to pay attention to this for some days. Nursery traders should keep a stock of green-leaf plants and attractive flowers in the nursery. Businessmen can suffer losses if they cheat customers or indulge in fraud to gain profits. Be alert about the problem of stomach aches and acidity. You will stay pre-occupied and worried about your family.

Pisces – Signs indicate that you will get upset and frightened but keep in mind that do not give importance to useless things. Avoid office politics, a wrong reaction can make seniors and juniors stand against you. The income of the traders will increase, keep working hard to achieve the goal. Diabetic patients should be careful about their diet, stay away from sharp objects. If you do not live with your family, then contact them on the phone. There is a possibility of good news from the family.


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