Fri. May 7th, 2021

Aries– Today your honour and respect will increase. There is a strong possibility of receiving money that is due since a long time. The day is important for working professionals. Important tasks at the workplace can increase for you. The problems of businessmen seem to be dwindling away. People engaged in telecommunication business may get upset. The youth will have to avoid violation of the rules, otherwise they will have to deal with legal proceedings. Be alert for obesity and weight gain. You can get an invitation from the in-laws’ side to participate in ‘mangalik’ work. You should go happily with the family. You will receive support from friends.

Taurus – Keep your valuables safe, there is a possibility of theft. Those involved in the media sector may have to do more work. People in targets based jobs will have more work pressure. Businessmen need to stay away from unnecessary disputes. In any case, you should keep your opinion and viewpoints wisely. Youngsters should avoid giving strong and sharp reactions in any matter. You should give your views on the issues related to your life. Get rid of irregularities in taking a diet, eat moderately and opt for easily digestible food. Patients should be cautious about the changing weather. Family members can ask for your help and support, be mentally prepared for the same.

Gemini – You will be able to complete the work, so keep the mind completely calm. In case you any work in haste, it can get affected. This can create obstacles for the future. There is a possibility of change of location for people in jobs. There is a strong possibility of improvement in the financial affairs of the traders. The youngsters will have to avoid getting involved in any dispute because of excitement. Students should make a time table and focus on studies. Make the best use of time. People, who are sick, should be alert. Your health can get affected, keep cleanliness in view of COVID-19 crisis and pay special attention to hygiene in the house.

Cancer– You will stay busy due to your work, if you get time, then give complete pending tasks. Your hard work will get less importance in office but do not get discouraged; the circumstances will soon turn favorable. People in real estate business can start new projects. The youngsters should not spoil their work because of overconfidence. Stay away from strangers and people who have feelings of jealousy. If you are ill or undergoing treatment, then be aware. Do not show negligence in routine. It is a day to improve relations, treat everyone with affection.

Leo– Prepare the list of tasks which you will do today in advance. Be cautious about laziness. Negligence is not good in any way. You can get job offers from foreign companies but do not take any step in haste due to greed. Businessmen can make profit from small investors but keep transparency in the accounts. If you are working in a partnership, then keep the financial transactions clear. Students should keep a balance between studies and leisure. Muscle pain may trouble you. Keep the necessary medicine available. Honour women everywhere, be it at home or outside. Your value will increase in the family.

Virgo– You should avoid speaking unnecessarily in the affairs of others. Your responsibilities and rights will be increased in the office keeping in mind your talent and qualifications. Bosses and high officials are expecting more from you. The obstacles in work will get removed. Businessmen may have to travel suddenly in connection with their business. The youth will now have to find new avenues for their career. Be patient, success will knock your doors soon. Stay aware of the headache. Stay alert especially if you have faced any problem beforehand. You are likely to get benefits from paternal property. Keep your opinion balanced on contentious issues in the family.

Libra– Signs indicate that you will get some relief in financial matters. Try to raise your physical level. Your relationship with bosses and senior officials will become better. There will be challenges in business but you will be able to tackle them easily on the back of your ability. The youth may have to compromise. Students should not back down from hard work; otherwise the result will not come out as desired. There is a possibility of spread of infection, so pay full attention to cleanliness. Increase your focus on taking care of the elders and children. You can plan to spend quality time with family, which can keep you happy.

Scorpio– The people around you will leave no chance to criticise you, be careful and do not give others a chance to do so. There is a possibility of a dispute with colleagues in the office. It will be beneficial if you keep a calm and composed behaviour. Retail merchants will have lower sales. This can lead to disappointment. The youngsters will face consequences if they stay in bad company. You have to avoid drugs and drinking at any cost. Stay alert and ensure that you do not have hyper acidity. Parents will have to curb the stubbornness of children, otherwise problems may arise in future. Do not become irresponsible towards the family. Take care of children and elders.

Sagittarius– You need to plan and work hard to fulfil your dreams. Diligence and hard work in the right direction will never fail. Time is appropriate to repay the loan. Keep yourself updated by completing the responsibilities assigned to you at the workplace. If there is a legal issue in some work, then it will go away. Lumber traders will get profits. The day will be normal for retail traders. Circumstances seem to be favorable when it comes to health. If you are already sick, then you should stay vigilant. Resolve family related complaints and problems. Married life will be peaceful.

Capricorn– Today, you will get support from family members in work. Maintain humility in your words, only then the work will get completed. Respect women at the workplace, do not get involved in any kind of dispute with them. Planning for your work will be successful. You will get good benefit if you make futuristic action plans. People engaged in import-export business will earn good profit. The day will be similar like yesterday for the youngsters. Time is good for the students. Blood pressure patients need to be vigilant. Do not show negligence in taking medicines and maintaining routine. Relationship with spouse will be good, in case of any dispute, find solutions by talking to him/her.

Aquarius– You may have regrets about previous matters, you may feel bad due to your misbehaviour with someone. Practising meditation is recommended. Treat everyone with respect in the office and give your hundred percent. Wholesale merchants will get good benefits. Students should not waste their time. Youngsters should stay focused on their goals. Follow social distancing keeping in mind the COVID-19 crisis. Maintain cleanliness in the house. You will get a chance to meet family members. The pending work will finally get completed.

Pisces– Control the expenses today. Purchase according to your budget. Buying non-essential items can cause troubles. Keeping in mind the situation and time, you should rest as it will prove to be beneficial. Signs indicate that new sources of livelihood will be generated. You need to increase focus. There may be a loss in business. Youngsters pursuing higher education may face hindrance in studies. Students should not be negligent at the time of examination. Hormonal problem for women can increase. You will get mother’s special affection. If you are staying away then you can meet your family.



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