Sat. Apr 10th, 2021

Aries – It will be beneficial if you increase contacts with more people as it will help your professional and social life. Do not back down from taking official responsibilities. Businessmen will be able to expand business by developing links. Students and youngsters will have a normal day. Protect your hands, if you are doing any work with the machine, then be careful while dealing with it, you may get hurt. Keep the computer, TV, laptop, mobile phones and other electronic goods safe. Keep a close watch on the valuables of the house.

Taurus – Hard work will act as a catalyst for the future, work hard and do not back down from any task. Your anger levels seem to be increasing, mange it. You will have to work with planning in your field, the planning will give immense benefits to the organization as well as you. Businessmen should keep reviewing the work of their employees and then take big decisions. Those, who are struggling with blood pressure, have to be cautious, especially those who have low BP. If your spouse wants to do something new in his/her career, then your cooperation/support will be beneficial for him.

Gemini – If you are worried about something, then there is no need to panic, you will find some solution by evening. Things in the office will remain as per your wish. An acquaintance or friend can come to meet you, take some time and meet him/her. This relationship will prove to be beneficial in future. Traders should keep themselves updated with their book of accounts. You may feel exhausted due to burden of work, however, your physical capacity will also increase. You may get stressed due to poor mood of a family member. The atmosphere will remain normal if you listen to bhajan and kirtan.

Cancer – You may remain upset due to some reasons but if you share your thoughts with someone, you will feel positivity immediately. You will spend the day in the office by cracking jokes; businessmen will attract a lot of customers. Students will have to increase the use of technology in studies. Search the internet and look for study material to gain knowledge. Avoid outside food. The health of children can get affected, if any family member is ill since a long time, then opt for a health checkup.

Leo – You will remain vigilant today. Improve the quality of work and stay alert for legal hassles. People connected with education sector can get transfers and promotions, they need to strengthen their contacts and meet several people. This will help them in future works. Businessmen, who are trying for loans to expand business, will get success. Students should touch feet of their parents before leaving the house for giving exams. The health can get affected out of nowhere. You will support from everyone in the family.

Virgo – It will be better to plan and work accordingly as the pressure of the planets in space can cause mistakes in your tasks. You will get less help from colleagues, this can result in anger and bitterness. You need to be patient. You will get full support of female colleagues in the office. Businessmen will not gain much profit today, if you are thinking of doing a new job, then make proper plans. Changing weather will be harmful for you. Conditions will be favorable in terms of social life. It is time to set big plans for the family.

Libra – You will work harder today and become better. The signs indicate that planets of luck and karma are in your favor as they are trying to make your fate. There is a possibility that your coordination with the boss will get affected when it comes to official tasks. Private workers need to stay away from governmental problems. Businessmen should not get involved in any kind of illegal work. Students will be worried about the subjects in which they are weak. You might face problem of back pain. People who are facing issues related to lungs can remain worried. Guests will visit your home, welcome them with open arms.

Scorpio – You are advised to focus on work considering the planetary positions. Distracted mind can lead to mistakes. Be patient while working and make it a part of your nature. You may have to face resentment from the boss in the office, afternoon period can be stressful for you. Businessmen can lose a big deal, so they need to be alert for a new deal. Protecting the head is very important, if you have not applied hair oil since a long time, then get a head massage. Family conditions will remain normal.

Sagittarius – Your close ones may need your help, support them with dedication. Do not consider the responsibility given by the boss as ‘stressful’. Engineers are expected to get results of their hard work. Businessmen, who are working in partnership, should improve their behavior towards their partners, they have to agree with each other in small matters. If you are eating your favorite food, then keep a check on the quantity as over-eating will be harmful. Relations with spouse may deteriorate. Small issues can lead to confrontation.

Capricorn – Be alert when it comes to opponents, you will be able to defeat them with hard work and a strong action plan. Maintain a good attitude while talking and cooperate with others. The confidants of businessmen can cheat them. Retail traders can introduce good schemes and good quality products to woo customers. Youngsters should stay away from disputes. Increase the capacity and resistivity when it comes to health. The atmosphere in the house will be normal. Prepare something sweet and offer it to the almighty if a sweet dish has not been made since a long time. Distribute it among the dear ones as a ‘Prasad’.

Aquarius – It will be better to make proper plans to improve the financial condition. If you are job professional, then work harder. This is the right wat to become boss’ favorite employee. This will pave the way for progress. Businessmen should make new plans to increase sales. Keep your mind focused while driving. An accident can occur if you talk on mobile or listen to music while driving a vehicle. You can plan a religious ritual if it has not been conducted since a long time at your home. Family member of marriageable age will get wedding proposal but do not take any hasty decision.

Pisces – You need to focus on whatever work you are doing. Complete the office work without any mistake, be aware that you may have to face resentment from the boss if you think of leaving early. Businessmen may have to take short trips. You will get financial benefits. Sports students will perform well. Cold & cough and shortness of breath can bother you. If you are living in a joint family, then relations with the members can get affected today. You may have to resolve the issues among the family members.



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