Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

Aries: Today treat everyone respectfully while keeping a mild temperament, this will lead to an increase in both your acceptance and respect. If someone complains about your work in the office, instead of responding angrily, try to make the required improvements. Those doing business in a partnership will have to give importance to each other’s opinion, otherwise, the equation may turn sour. Be sure to use helmets and seat belts while driving, to be able to protect yourself in the event of an accident. Take special care of your face and teeth. Support younger siblings. Help them in every way possible.

Taurus: Work by keeping the mind focused. A distracted mind can cause problems. The list of piling family expenses can bother you, so try to increase your financial options. You may have to travel due to office work, which will turn out to be beneficial in future. Be a little cautious, secret enemies will try their best to harm you. If you are lending a large amount to someone, you must complete the paperwork first. If you are going on a journey, be careful as you may sustain an injury. There is a possibility of fire accidents in the house. Be alert about the fire system.

Gemini: Emotional pressure from others may bother you. If the workload is increasing in the office, don’t take stress, just complete it on time with proper planning. In terms of business, only reliable persons should be entrusted with the responsibility of economic transactions, otherwise, losses may occur. The youth will have to keep pace with friends. If your memory seems to be weakening, it will be beneficial to do pranayama. If you are having an urge to do your favorite activity, then set some time aside for it. Be as hospitable and welcoming as possible in treating guests who come home.

Cancer: Today, spending a big budget without planning can put you in trouble. If you are investing somewhere, you must consult a senior or an expert in the field beforehand. The day is fulfilling for people engaged in research work, it will also be worthwhile to display your achievements on the appropriate platform. People involved in the business of food and beverages may have to suffer losses. Patients struggling with liver diseases have to be alert. If you consume alcohol excessively, quit it immediately. There is a possibility of receiving good news from family. Do not disturb or cause stress to your mind.

Leo: Today, it is important to follow rules and regulations, otherwise you may have to face ridicule at the workplace. If you are trying for a new job, then it will be beneficial to focus on a big package when the opportunity arrives. If those involved in an ancestral business are currently going through a court case, they will soon receive good news in the matter. Trouble may increase for people suffering from serious ailments. Do not let domestic discord in the family grow. Keeping yourself calm will also prove to be a meaningful solution. A religious trip may be planned in the family, but all precautionary measures should be taken in view of the pandemic.

Virgo: Keeping yourself positive on this day will be a big achievement. Some people may disturb your mind by uttering harsh words, in which case do not give them a strong response. If you are thinking about changing your job, you will have to stay put for the time being. Considering the economic situation in business matters, there is a possibility of incurring loss caused by a major decision. If you face a digestion-related problem, consume lukewarm water and eat light. If there is a dispute with the brother, you should end it by having a conversation. You will get full support from family members at home. Treat younger members with affection.

Libra: Today you have to keep pace with everything. Karma will bring benefits in combination with luck. All the important works that have been stuck for some reason, can be seen getting completed. For office work, you will have to be active as compared to the rest of the days. Taking a big loan in business may prove to be detrimental. Work with the advice of an expert. Ulcer patients should not consume spicy and outside foods. If the mother is unwell, you will have to take the responsibility of taking care of her. End the pending tasks of the house. The problems concerning the elders will have to be resolved soon on priority.

Scorpio: The day may begin with you facing some difficulties, be patient as conditions will become normal by evening. Teamwork is very important in the office. Coordinate with colleagues to reach your goal. If you want to invest then the day will be suitable for planning. Small investments can give good returns to the business. Take special care of your hands as there is a possibility of sustaining an injury. Be a little careful about your behavior. The environment at home should not get disturbed because of you. There is a possibility of a dispute about some things in the family. Take a decision only after listening to the younger ones.

Sagittarius: Instead of seeking happiness on major things, try to keep the mind happy over small matters this day. You may feel a lack of self-confidence, but you have to keep yourself encouraged. The mind will not focus as much on office tasks, so keep yourself away from the pressure of work. Traders of clothes can suffer losses, so be cautious. Youth preparing to do a course related to mass communication will have to keep themselves updated. Blood pressure patients may feel tired due to low BP. You will need to maintain pleasant relations with your family. Do not ignore their opinion on any disputed issue.

Capricorn: Today, to enhance your knowledge, you will have to cultivate the habit of learning. People doing a job will need complete dedication and will have to upgrade their information to improve their work. Big traders can continue their economic transactions. If working in partnership, transparency is important. As much as possible, consume light food such as fruits, sprouts, etc for good health. It would be appropriate to eat half the amount of food you crave. The day is auspicious for the youth engaged in research work. Take care of electronic gadgets at home, there is a possibility of them being damaged. One has to be careful about the health of young children.

Aquarius: Today will be an auspicious day to start any new work. Give importance to both quality and time in office work, otherwise, the boss may be upset with you. Big traders need to keep an eye on the old stock and have to clear it in time. Parents need to keep an eye on the activities of their child, if she/he is young, then pay attention to their studies and company. Headache and anger can worsen your health. Take care of your eyes, if you are using a laptop, TV, or mobile for a long time, wash the eyes with cold water. Do not disappoint anyone if you are needed at home.

Pisces: If you are not getting the desired result of your work presently, do not get discouraged. Also, do not be negligent or lax in the way you work by getting influenced by others. It would be wrong to violate the legal standard in business. For traders who are waiting to buy big stocks, today will be an auspicious day. Youth should be fully active. Sports students should practice regularly. It is also important to keep exercising and doing pranayama while maintaining a good routine. You will have good interaction with your mother, take special care of her needs.


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