Sat. Apr 10th, 2021

Aries – The day will be fruitful for positive work. Sudden increase in expenses can cause problems, so be cautious about saving. You may face difficulties in doing government work, so you have to be patient. You have to do multi-tasking at the workplace. Those who trade in electronic goods will be disappointed; they have to keep the stock according to the choice of the customers as circumstances seem to be changing in the near future. Morning walks and workouts are the need of the hour. Do not be negligent as it good for your health. Give importance to everyone’s opinion in family matters. One-sided decision won’t be prove to be right.

Taurus – Today you may have to spend big amount, so maintain a strong bank balance. Respect the feelings of your loved ones. Always be ready for their needs. People searching for jobs in foreign companies will get success, signs indicate so. People engaged in business related to finance will get good benefits. Students will remain focused towards their goals, so they should make the best use of time. Be cautious about the activity of youth. Take special care against kidney diseases. Maintain a balanced diet and drink more water. Do not use hard words for your spouse, otherwise relationship will get affected.

Gemini- Be prepared to participate in religious functions today. Worship Lord Ganesha as the day will be fruitful and obstacles will be removed by offering him prayers. Do not be negligent in important tasks during official work. Time is good for the traders in terms of monetary benefits, so they can plan about big investments. Youngsters will be able to memorise things faster. Keep in mind that any work at this time will lead to success. Concerns about health may increase. There is a possibility that a guest will arrive in the house, this will make you happy. Family happiness and peace will increase.

Cancer- You can plan to buy a new house as today as the day is auspicious. People involved in the politics should focus on public service. Businessmen should be aware of the quality of their product. Be polite with customers. Youngsters may face some troubles; they will definitely get success if they remain patient during difficult times. People, who recently underwent an operation, should be cautious about infection. Do not show negligence in sanitation considering the COVID-19 pandemic. The state of planets can cause sourness in relations, so one has to work with patience.

Leo- Today you will be worried about your respect, so don’t do any work that affects your goodwill/reputation. Responsibilities will increase at the workplace. You may have to go on an official visit. Business enemies are getting active against you, so you have to think of methods to deal with them. The youngsters should not blindly trust anyone, otherwise they can suffer harm. Be careful about health as the digestive system can get spoiled today, avoid eating outside food. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in family. Relations with siblings will get strengthened.

Virgo- You can get upset over something, so keep yourself away from useless worries. You will get benefit if you develop self-awareness. Avoid disputes with colleagues at work place, otherwise your image may get tarnished. The day is very beneficial for gold and silver traders. Quality of goods and behaviour with customers will take the business to greater heights. Cold and cough may trouble you. Bile disorders can also cause problems. You will get a chance to spend time with family despite busy work schedule, so stay affectionate with everyone.

Libra- The worries related to work can increase. Be very cautious about your performance. People associated with arts will get better opportunities. If conditions are not favourable in the job then be patient. It will improve soon. People in transport business may have to suffer loss, so they should agree to work only after analysing the profit. Signs indicate that youngsters will have a better situation. Bone diseases can cause problems, so be aware of the same. You can get an invitation to join Manglik (auspicious) work. You should attend the event with the whole family.

Scorpio- You have to speak thoughtfully, otherwise your close ones might get offended by your bitter words. New sources of income will be created, for which you will have to work hard seriously. You can get job opportunities from abroad, so do not miss the golden opportunity. Do not dare to take risks in business matters, otherwise you will incur more losses. Youngsters will have a successful day. The day will also be beneficial for students. There is a possibility that sugar levels will get low. Get it checked regularly. You will receive an invitation for auspicious work. Havan can be performed at home for for spiritual peace.

Sagittarius- Your effort to increase your knowledge will be successful, so keep updating yourself regularly. There is a possibility of getting benefits from the government sector. Financial condition will get better. You will receive the pending payments soon. People engaged in wood business will make good profits. Those, who trade in iron and other metals, should be cautious about the accounts. The youngsters will get the benefit of good company. They will shine and become successful in the near future. Foot pain and weakness may cause trouble. Relations with friends will be good, their participation in a big project will be beneficial for you.

Capricorn- You will get attracted to charity. Keep on helping the needy people. If you are unable to concentrate on work, then you can go for an outing. You will get good opportunities to make a career in education sector, do not show careless in grabbing the chances. You will remain busy in official work. The boss is reviewing your work. The youngsters will have to follow the parents’ advice. Keep in mind that following their advice is very important for the future. Problems related to the ear may arise, if the problem is troubling you since a long time, then become aware. Signs indicate that you will have to shop for something big.

Aquarius- Refrain from lending and taking money today. Money can get stuck. Time is good for those who are doing work related to NGO. Stay vigilant when it comes to the quality of work. It is not good to hurry in important tasks, it can be detrimental for future. You have to maintain coordination with the employees. Do not use hash language with anyone. Pregnant women should be conscious about their health. It is very important to give some time to family relations, otherwise close ones can drift apart. You will make a plan to go on a trip with friends. Arrange security measures considering the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pisces- Hard work will be the key to your success, so keep the focus on it. People, who have recently joined their office, can remain upset while understand new things. Experience will be very important for the business, avoid repeating old mistakes. Work according to the advice of seniors; those who are not experienced should avoid making big investments at the moment. Conditions regarding health are favourable, it will be beneficial to get a routine check-up with a doctor if possible. Make adequate arrangements for the maintenance of luggage during the journey, there is a possibility of theft of important documents, jewellery or cash.


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