Fri. May 7th, 2021

Aries – Try to speak less and say words only after thinking. According to the positions of the planets, there is a possibility of opening new paths for wealth generation. You may have to work on the conditions set by the boss and the higher officials. It would be wrong to bring your self-respect into it. Traders will have to resolve the problems of their big clients or suppliers immediately, ignoring the current issues can also cause losses in the future. There is a possibility of allergies, cosmetic products should be used only after inspection. If sister is not keeping well for a long time, advise her to remain vigilant about health.

Taurus- Economic transactions will prove beneficial today. Avoid making impractical decisions of any kind for yourself or others. Your disciplined behavior in the office will be highly appreciated. People, who are switching to business from job, should stop for some time. You may face financial loss in business due to the negligence of others. Include yoga in the routine, this will energize the body. No investment related to health should be made. Pay attention to the behavior of the younger ones, the atmosphere in the family will be light and happy.

Gemini– There might be some confusion in decision making. The old work, which was stuck, will gain momentum. People involved in the field of operations need to work hard to achieve success. Increase the enthusiasm for business, keep your subordinates excited and pumped up for work. Do not show haste in government work. Youngsters will feel less inclined towards their work, they will remain disappointed due to past failures. You should avoid eating oily food, otherwise, the liver will get affected. Family relations, which turned sour, will get better; so spend time with family members.

Cancer– Stay cautious today. Keeping in mind the epidemic, the rules of social distancing should be followed. If you have to meet several people, then you need to take special care of yourself. Your respect in the workplace is going to increase, people will also give prominence to your opinion. Merchants’ contact with big clients will increase. The changing weather can affect your health. If any old person in the family is not well, then keep track of their health. Unnecessary household expenses will cause you financial loss.

Leo– You will have different thoughts in the mind, there is no need to get worried or overthink about it. Stay away from rumors. You have to keep an eye on the mistakes which you make while doing official tasks; if you lead the team, then you will have to take full responsibility to correct the team members’ mistakes. Cloth traders need to remain patient about the loss which they suffered. Stay cautious about cough and cold, it can cause health problems. If you are facing issues in married life, maintain a good relationship with your spouse.

Virgo– Today, there is a doubt in completing those tasks, which you have already pre-decided to do. You need to stay patient if you are looking for better jobs or you have to work harder for things. Businessmen, whose work related to the government was pending, will see a ray of hope as their efforts will become successful. Headache can cause problems for your health, if the pain persists for a long time, then get your eyes examined. The day is suitable for taking important family decisions.

Libra– If you are going to make any changes, be it small or big, then do not forget to take advice from your elders. You will be able to use your abilities well in your field. If you are searching for a new job, then you need to look for contacts. Talking about business, do not get extremely furious over someone’s mistake in the team; otherwise, an unnecessary dispute can occur. Students will be able to concentrate on their studies. The day will be good for Librans, especially for those who were having problems related to the mouth. Contact with friends and well-wishers will increase. If someone in the family needs your support, do help him/her.

Scorpio– Your courage and self-confidence will increase, there are chances of getting monetary benefits. A good combination of luck and karma will bring success in work. Good management can give you benefits, you will lead the team. The day will be profitable for those who trade in electronic goods. Youngsters associated with the IIT sector will achieve success in the work. Problems related to nerves can trouble you. If your father has high BP or diabetes, then advise him to stay alert about his health.

Sagittarius – Today, the movement of planets can decrease your confidence; however, there is also a possibility of getting a 100 percent result of your hard work. The day will remain normal for official work. Do not let new opportunities slip from your hands. Merchants should not dump large quantities of goods, otherwise, you may face disappointment in the future. Maintain a safe distance from fried food for your health. People suffering from illness for a long time should be alert. Guests can arrive at home. Bring sweet for everyone while returning home from work.

Capricorn– Today, your interest in religion and spirituality will increase. Do not lose patience and calm if the work is not done, you will get some solution by evening. Businessmen engaged in the trade of sports will have an unsatisfactory day when it comes to profit. Students should seek the help of elder brother in case they face difficulty in studies. Youngsters should avoid laziness, if they are preparing for software or engineering, then there is a possibility of getting success. Health can get affected suddenly. Do not let the seeds of doubt grow in your mind against any member of the family, otherwise, it can lead to dispute.

Aquarius– Relax, if possible, today performing meditation will also be beneficial. You have to remain a little cautious of the ‘jealous colleague’ because he/she can become a hindrance in the way of your promotion. The day will remain beneficial for people engaged in medical-related business. Students will have a lazy day ahead, there is no need to study if you are not able to concentrate properly. Those, who go regularly to the gym, should pay attention to their food habits. There can be ideological differences with your loved ones, speak less, and keep a check on your speech.

Pisces– Today, you will be pre-occupied and remain busy with work; you might also face mental turmoil. You may get disappointment by those who you trust the most. All these events will disturb you till the end of the day. You have to take the next step with full caution after understanding the planetary conditions. Merchants can get profit due to old investments; the inflow of customers will also provide profit. Students, who are connected with literature, will get good opportunities. There is a possibility of suffering from viral fever due to the changing weather. Make plans about the future of the family.


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