Fri. May 7th, 2021

Aries– If you develop an interest in religious work, you can perform rituals or offer prayers today. The adverse job conditions will gradually become favorable. Develop a habit of completing work without mistakes and within time. The conditions are not favorable for those engaged in work related to transport. Students should study for their exams as per the guidance of the teachers. People suffering from bone related ailments cause face further problems, maintain a correct posture while walking and sitting. You can get an invitation to join any ‘Mangalik’ program in family and society, attend it with full enthusiasm.

Taurus – You need to motivate yourself today. You will earn appreciation from people at the workplace because of your dedication and good relations with others. The day is auspicious for sales people. Retail traders need to introspect; however, they should not get discouraged, conditions are likely to change soon. You may have to suddenly travel for an important project. You will have to take care of your safety keeping in mind the pandemic. You will get opportunity to resolve old disputes in family. You can deal with the adverse situation or disputes by behaving politely.

Gemini– Do not get instigated due to your opponents. Take any decision thoughtfully. The day will be auspicious for the traders engaged in export work. Retail traders should remain vigilant when it comes to legal standard regarding stock and quality. Youngsters should prepare themselves for the competition, jobs and employment opportunities will generated soon. If students do not want to study today, they can relax. Take proper precautions against COVID-19 while stepping out for work. You will have to take care of elderly and sick people at home. You need to increase the focus on savings, do not waste money in useless shopping.

 Cancer– The mind will be filled with positive energy. Complete official work with full responsibility.  Businessmen will get an opportunity to work with new partners. The day is beneficial for this involved in the field of medicine. People, who involved with music and acting, will also get better exposure opportunities. Youngsters should stay away from debate/dispute. They will get success in competitive exams. Health will be affected due to the changing weather. Keep the speed in check and follow the rules while driving. You can plan to decorate or paint the house. Your mother may have face problems related to back pain and bone ailments.

Leo– Take all decisions wisely, only then you will get benefit. Any carelessness or mistake at the workplace during the last days of 2020 can be detrimental. Opponents are keeping a close watch on your work, do not give them a chance to point fingers at you. People engaged in electronic and metal work will witness a rise in income. Take necessary measures according to the changing weather. People, who suffer from blood pressure or heart related ailments, should get themselves tested with the advice of a doctor. Keep all the important things of the house safely. There is a possibility of theft or fire. You will get support from everyone at home.

 Virgo – Try to make a mark, be it in social life or workplace. Hard work and cooperative nature can make you everyone’s favorite. You need to have a solid plan for a new business.  If lack of experience is bothering you, then you can have a discussion with a senior. Try to keep yourself away from any sort of competition with other traders. Heart patients need to be vigilant about their health. If you are trying to build for a new house, you will get success. Try to improve relationships with relatives.

Libra– Signs indicate that you will face confusion in decision making, it will be beneficial to seek the advice of seniors and family members. People, who are working, can get a job offer from an international company. Businessmen will generate profits as the conditions are favorable. The year is ending so you can give a boost to the business by giving new schemes and offers. It is time for the youngsters to plan things for next year. Using Ayurveda to treat chronic diseases will be beneficial. Do not show careless towards the COVID-19 pandemic. Do not ignore what other members of the house say, keep a positive attitude while discussing important topics.

Scorpio– Today, the planetary positions are favorable for you. You may get upset due to financial problems. You have to look for other mediums to generate income. People in jobs should not show negligence in financial matters. Any error in transactions/ book of accounts will be harmful for you. The day will be tough compared to other days for businessmen. Avoid borrowing money at any cost. You will get new opportunities for career and may have to leave the city. Students, who are pursuing higher studies, will need to increase their focus on studies. Eat light food for good health. Your health will remain better if you can skip eating a full-fledged meal. Increase bonding with family members.

Sagittarius – Today, you need to maintain politeness in behavior and keep a check on your words. Work load may increase in office, keep yourself physically and mentally fit. There will be ups and downs in terms of work in the office. The competitors of businessmen can become opponents, they will try to take advantage of weakness. Youngsters should stay away from drugs or bad company. One can make you do wrong things by offering something. Do not show negligence towards health. If you are suffering from any disease, take medicines on time and stay vigilant. Do proper planning for the education and career of your child.

 Capricorn– Today you need to increase your energy and confidence. It is better to keep a distance from negative people. Pending office work can increase stress. The conditions will come under control by evening, but prepare yourself for the challenges right now. People engaged in stationery business can get good benefits. Blood pressure patients should be little careful about health. Eat balanced and light food. You may get a chance to meet old friends or relatives, who live far away. If you have a sister of marriageable age, then you can find a suitable groom for her and initiate talks for her marriage.

Aquarius– Today you need to show speed in work as per the need of the hour. This will make it easier for you to complete even the toughest tasks. There are challenges for business in the future but with the passage of time you will solutions for them. Take everything seriously which the boss has said, otherwise you may have to face resentment. Retail traders will have to work with caution, do not get disappointed if you are unbale to generate the estimated profits. Students, are trying to pursue higher studies, will get good news. Pain in bones can cause troubles, patients who are already facing pain should remain careful. The day will be peaceful in terms of family life and you will get support from everyone.

Pisces– Today, you have to be careful when it comes to your image. The day is suitable for research work. You have to become a source of inspiration for the subordinates at work. You have to take responsibilities yourself and work accordingly. People working in government department will have to show seriousness while doing secret work. Plastic traders should think wisely before completing a big deal, there is a possibility of loss. Youngsters and students will have to focus and work hard to achieve the goal. Stay cautious for your health, keeping in mind the changing weather. Old ailments are also expected to cause troubles along with cough and cold. Keep a close watch on children’s health. Domestic disputes on minor issues will increase.


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