Fri. May 7th, 2021

Aries– Today you need to act with caution when it comes to profit and loss in work. If you are not able to focus on work, then you can watch a comedy movie or listen to music. Chemists will have to be vigilant about legal proceedings. People associated with the fashion industry will get good opportunities. Stay alert in disputed matters, otherwise you can land in legal trouble. Youngsters will have to take sensible decisions instead of showing haste. Chest and leg pain will bother you. Sciatic patients should also stay cautious. You can perform Aarti and Havan at home in the evening.

Taurus – Today you have to protect yourself from the people who confuse you. Improve the quality of work and stay alert about legal issues. Those associated with the education sector can be transferred or promoted. Make your contacts stronger, try to meet more people. These contact will turn out to be helpful in the future. Businessmen, who are trying to fetch loans to expand the business, will be successful. Youngsters should work hard and also keep an eye on their competitors. Do not show negligence when it comes to health, it can get affected out of nowhere. Your concern for children will get over. You will get support from everyone in the family.

Gemini– Today, you need to stay cautious if you are doing or thinking about anything for the future. Negative or unsympathetic thoughts can come to mind under the influence of others. People in the research sector can get better results. The businessmen will generate money from old investments. Increase the intake of warm water and decoction if you are facing phlegm problems. It will give you relief from cough. Do not get angry at anyone unnecessarily. If you do so, loved ones will get upset. Any good news related to the growth of the child can make you happy. There is a possibility of getting good news from the family.

Cancer– The day is very auspicious and fruitful for you. Think positive. The condition of planets is also moving towards reducing your problems. People in jobs will remain confident. Businessmen should be alert, there is a possibility of having a dispute with any government official; in such a situation you have to remain calm. Youngsters will have to work harder to prove themselves. Headache or problems related to nerves can cause trouble. Blood pressure and heart patients should be careful. Do not show negligence when it comes to health under any circumstance. If you are tensed or confused then share your things with your family. Spend time with children.

Leo– Increase the contribution to social life along with your credibility. Work pressure for people in jobs will be reduced, hence you have to do well. You will get a good opportunity to work on a new project, your performance should be better than your competitors. Retail traders need to avoid making big deals. Youngsters should value time and work accordingly. The changing weather can affect health. If the health gets affected, do not make any changes in medicines or routine by yourself. Family conditions will be favorable. A relative or friend might visit you.

Virgo– Today you need to focus completely on the responsibilities. Complete the office work without any mistake. A positive image will be developed in the minds of seniors. If you are a businessman, you might have to go on small trips;  you will get financial benefits from such trips. Students should spend more time revising for the upcoming examinations. Cold, cough and shortness of breath can cause problems. If you are living in a joint family then relations with the members can get affected. The family members can fight among themselves. You have to take the initiative to resolve the issues and keep things under control.

Libra– Signs indicate that the possibilities of profits are being created. Work pressure at the office can increase stress. Do not indulge in unnecessary arguments with bosses and seniors in the office. Retail traders will have to generate less profit. This can lead to disappointment. People engaged in work related to stationery will get good benefits. Youngsters, who are searching for jobs, will get better opportunities. Students need to continue working hard. Do not skip yoga and workout in order to maintain physical fitness. Perform Bhagwat bhajan, if possible visit the temple to seek blessings from the Goddess. You will get support from your family.

Scorpio– The planetary conditions reveal that it will be beneficial for you to develop contact with more people. This will be instrumental for your livelihood and social life.. Businessmen should keep in mind that by developing more links/contacts, the business will expand more. Protect your hands, if you are doing any work with the machine, then be very careful while dealing with it, you may get hurt. Students and youngsters will have a normal day. Keep your electronic goods like computer, TV, laptop and mobile safely. Keep a close watch on the valuables of the house.

Sagittarius– Works in personal and professional life will increase. Keep boosting the morale of the team at the workplace and avoid any sort of personal comments on someone. You can get a better package offer from a foreign company. Traders, who are doing online business, will have good opportunities to generate profits. Keep in mind that customers should not reject the goods on the basis of quality of the product. Youngsters should not leave any discussion about their careers in between. Stay away from laziness, wake up early in the morning and do light exercise. You can get some good news from your younger sister.

Capricorn – Activeness in work and good performance will lead to success. You may have to make extra efforts for work. People, who are working, should not take loans just for maintaining a lifestyle and enjoying facilities. Use credit cards wisely. You will get support from seniors in big projects at the office, but keep trying to highlight your capabilities. Businessmen folks, luck is on your side. Investment can increase. Youngsters need to control their anger. Nasal infection can affect you. The health of a life partner can get suddenly affected, take care of him/her.

Aquarius– The negative planets can spoil the performance. The feeling of dissatisfaction in your mind will keep you distracted. People, who wish to go abroad for a job, have a better chance. You may face difficulty in developing harmony with colleagues at the workplace. Businessmen should take decisions related to money expenditure and investment wisely. Students will have a day similar to yesterday. Youngsters should think more seriously about their careers. Back pain can cause trouble again. If someone is ill at home, then all family members should remain alert about his/her health.

Pisces – Today you have to show mental stability, do not take any decision in an emotional state. Do not complete any work in a hurry, this can create trouble for you. Work with full dedication and honesty in the office. Signs indicate that this will lead to promotion along with an increase in income. Businessmen should stay away from legal troubles. It will be beneficial if someone experienced or a legal advisor is present with you while you make big investments or deals. Youngsters should focus on health. Be cautious about fitness. Perform exercises and pranayama while concentrating on yoga. Your mother needs to be careful while walking on a slippery area, there is a possibility of injury.


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