Fri. May 7th, 2021

Aries – Today will be auspicious and beneficial. Keep your mind full of positive energy. There is every possibility of getting a promotion at the workplace. To maintain the order of success, do not let the diligence or performance decrease. Businessmen have to be active. Stock Maintenance has to be done according to the choice of your customers. Quality of goods can also cause problems. This is the right time for the youth to focus on education. Students should be cautious about their company. People who are sick have to be cautious. You will get family and guru’s connection. The mind will be calm and happy with the worship of Goddess and evening Aarti.

Taurus – Today, long-standing work can be completed. The mind will feel happy as the financial situation improves. Might get busy at work. Businessmen can get new partners, but before finalizing the partnership, make the terms and conditions clear first. Students need to remain serious about education, do not be disappointed by failure. Do not lack in making efforts. Major patients will also have to be vigilant about health. Do not eat acidic things. If the idea of ​​a religious journey can be formed in the family, then try to go with the whole family.

Gemini – You will reach the door of success easily. You will also have to be restrained from the social or family perspective. People working in a government department can get a transfer or promotion letter. Conditions in the military department will be favourable, which will increase job prospects. Do not choose the wrong way for the businessmen to earn more profit, otherwise, they may fall into the grip of legal proceedings. Youth can strengthen CV with short term courses. Sudden illness may also lead to hospitalization. There is a possibility of auspicious information from the in-law side. The mind will be happy to get the importance of discussions on serious issues in the family.

Cancer – Reduce the workload today. If you are struggling with some stress, then hope to be relieved today. It will be beneficial to socialize with new contacts. The time of job change is visible, it will not be right to let go of good opportunities if they come. There are signs of good profit in business. Take care that there is no dispute with the female colleague. Be cautious about BP. Be cautious even in the wake of the pandemic. Salt-lubricating food and negligence for necessary exercise are not right. The harsh words of your loved ones can spoil your mind, but do not give any strong reaction while being restrained.

Leo – Today, one can get frustrated with someone breaking expectations. Do not discourage yourself. Find new ways to improve livelihood. Anticipate future circumstances and try for economic recovery. Businessmen are advised not to pick up new stock. Students should not be negligent in their studies. Youth should take care of their company and take care of their health. In view of health, there may be increased discomfort regarding spinal pain. Get treatment with the advice of a doctor. If there is confusion about the purchase of land or a house, then it will be worthwhile to make decisions with the advice of elders.

Virgo – If possible, ignore the unnecessary things on this day, otherwise, the whole day could be spoiled. Instead of showing a grudge in the office, focus on work. Any kind of non-essential things will have to be avoided. The day will be auspicious for the traders. The economy will be strengthened by getting money stuck for a long time. The day can be lazy and disappointing for the students preparing for the competition. Special care has to be taken of the stomach. Pain may arise, try to avoid eating too much fried-roasted or spicy food. There will be an atmosphere of tension in the family. You may have to face the anger of the elders at home.

Libra – Some mental disturbance may be felt today, do not habituate it. Do not panic when responsibilities increase at the office or workplace, show mental strength. Big businessmen will also have to be vigilant about their reputation. Keep in mind that your products should be made according to the customers. The youth will be looking for good opportunities, but do not show haste. To get ahead in any field, your preparation needs to be very strong. Conditions regarding health are favourable, but if you are going out of the house then cover your head. One might get worried about the future of the family.

Scorpio – Today’s hard work will give you fame and financial prosperity. It will not be right to leave the job now. If you are working in textile or readymade garments, then the day is auspicious, the investment will also be beneficial. If students are preparing for the competition then the day is good for them. They can do more of the memorizing work. If there is any problem in the stomach, then do not forget to get yourself treated. Take medicines only on the advice of a doctor. Spend a little more time with the elderly. Pay special attention to the health of the mother. If possible, go out with them in the place of their choice.

Sagittarius – Today, the mind will be attracted towards charity. If possible, perform Sandhya Aarti, you will get relief from stress. Tension and fatigue will be felt due to increased official functioning. Unite the team and complete the task without making any mistake. The youth will have to follow the words of their parents, keep in mind that there is no laxity in relation to the career. From the health point of view, there is an increasing possibility of ear-related problems. Parents will be happy with the success of children, if they have a special day, then they can give them the desired gift. The health of elders in the home will have to be well monitored.

Capricorn – The most important thing today will be that you do not get into any controversy. You will have to be very restrained in the office as well. Getting excited over trivial matters can be harmful. Avoid any conflict with the customer in business. Save energy and put it into good works. Do not show carelessness towards health. Do not end physical activity completely. Take care of the ear, infection can happen, especially pay attention to young children. If you are the eldest in the family, then avoid getting unnecessarily angry at the younger members, otherwise, the atmosphere may get spoiled.

Aquarius – Keep your mind balanced today and plan for future plans. Get ready with all your heart in official work. A solid strategy has to be devised in business matters, otherwise, rivals can push back and grow. Utilization of time is very important for the youth, otherwise, future preparations will be weakened. Problems of back pain may emerge. Use caution and strictly follow the advice given by the doctor. You will get a chance to roam somewhere with your loved ones. Will be happy to go with the whole family. If you want to change the house, then the day is auspicious. It would be better to choose the place just by looking at the surrounding area.

Pisces – Today, hard work will be the key to success, so focus only on hard work. Take advantage of the guidance of seniors. Those people who have recently joined the office may be upset to understand new things. Experience is very important for business, so do not repeat the old mistakes at all. For the moment, avoid making big investments. Tomorrow is the day for the youth. Conditions regarding health are favourable, yet it would be beneficial to do a routine checkup with a doctor once if possible. Make proper arrangements for the maintenance of valuables, otherwise, the necessary paper or jewellery cash may be stolen.


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