Fri. May 7th, 2021

A car salesman has been charged with attempted murder charge after he allegedly tried to spike his boss’ drink with a corona patient’s saliva. The salesman identified as Ramazan Cimen has been accused of trying to kill his boss Ibrahim Unverdi and his wife.

Cimen, who worked for Unverdi for three years at his car dealership in Adana south-east Turkey, was allegedly caught trying to steal £21,410. Unverdi alleges that Cimen had spiked his drink with the saliva before stealing the money.

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“This is the first time I have heard of such a bizarre killing technique. Thank God I did not become sick. God is always with the good,” The Sun quoted Unverdi as saying. Unverdi, who has filed a criminal complaint against Cimen, told prosecutors that he started receiving threatening messages from Cimen after the incident was reported in the press.

He was given police protection after showing threats sent to him from Cimen, who has now been formally accused of attempted murder and threatening behaviour.

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Unverdi’s wife Dilek echoed similar sentiments and demanded stringent punishment against the accused. Dilek further said she is afraid to leave the house. “Me and my kids can’t leave the house. We seem to be in prison in our own home. I trust justice and I want this man to get the necessary punishment,” she said, adding “we do not want to live with this fear of death”.


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