Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly is stable and has been discharged from the hospital on Sunday in Kolkata following angioplasty. Dr Rana Dasgupta of Apollo Hospital who was treating ‘Dada’ said that he is absolutely fine.

The Indian cricket board chief underwent a fresh round of angioplasty on Thursday and two more stents were implanted to clear the 48- year-old cricket legend’s clogged coronary arteries.

Sourav Ganguly was admitted to the hospital earlier this week after complaining of chest pain. This was the second time in this month that the former Indian captain had to be hospitalized. According to Apollo Hospital, Ganguly’s health was monitored on Saturday and his condition is stable.

Ganguly, who was admitted to Apollo Hospital on 27 January, underwent angioplasty for the second time on 28th January. Ganguly is dealing with a problem of triple vessel disease, due to which stents were placed in his heart. Apollo doctors had informed that two more stents were placed in Ganguly’s body to regularise the flow of blood in his arteries.

Ganguly had suffered a heart attack earlier this year. On 2nd January, he was exercising in his home gym and then suddenly suffered a stroke, after which he was admitted to Woodlands Hospital.

Ganguly underwent angioplasty there and a stent was placed in his heart. He returned home on January 7 after being in the hospital for 5 days at that time.

After this, on 27 January, Ganguly again felt pain in his chest and was taken to Apollo Hospital. Hospital officials had said in a statement released on Thursday 28 January that a team of doctors successfully performed angioplasty of Ganguly and placed two stents in his heart.


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