Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

American Pop star Rihanna’s tweet sparked a huge controversy in India as well as on Twitter platforms across the globe. Many Indian sports personalities also expressed their opinion on this matter. Skipper Virat Kohli said that the team discussed the issue during the team meeting. But there seems to be a divide between the opinions coming from abroad and those coming from Indian celebrities. NBA star, Kyle Kuzma also tweeted on the issue of farmers protest. He wrote: “Should be talking about this!” along with a link of a CNN News article about the internet cuts at the Farmers protest. 

Here is the tweet: 

Kuzma is a 25-year old basketball player playing for the current champions Los Angeles Lakers. He plays as a Power-forward in the team. He was born in Flint, Michigan and later moved to Philadelphia. Recently he also expressed concerns about how the pandemic is taking a ‘mental toll’ on the players who are not able to bond due to that. But not just Kuzma, NFL star “JuJu” Smith-Schuster also tweeted in favor of the farmers protest. 

In his tweet, he wrote: “Happy to share that I’ve donated USD 10,000 to provide medical assistance to the farmers in need in India to help save lives during these times. I hope we can prevent any additional life from being lost. #FarmersProtest” 

Juju is a player of NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and plays at the wide receiver position. NFL is the premier rugby league  in the USA. Rugby is called as ‘football’ in USA and hence the name National Football League (NFL). The 24-year old was born in Long Beach in California. He holds the record for being the youngest player ever to 2,500 career receiving yards and the first one to have two offensive touchdowns of minimum 97 yards. 

Many Indian fans of NBA and NFL have acknowledged the support shown by these international athletes. 

With the protests garnering attention from celebrities around the world, the issue about the farm laws has reached the headlines of international publications. All of these headlines started making rounds after icons like Rihanna, environment activists Greta Thunberg and a Lebanese-American media personality (who also happens to be an ex-porn star) Mia Khalifa tweeted in favor of the farm protests. 



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